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Save Cost
Save Cost

Cut down your operation cost with our FREE Mini-POS and machine packed with essential features to run a small size retail/F&B operation

Maximize: New Revenue Source
Maximize: New Revenue Source

Get customer to pay first before they even buy your product.

Repeat: Retain and get repeating customers
Repeat: Retain and get repeating customers

Maximize recurring revenue by giving your customers something to be happy about

Shifting landscape

SMB Need to find ways to retain customers and get fresh revenue

Customers has more choices than ever now especially with online and delivery business.

Introduction of e-wallets has helped to increase QR Code adoption

Successful adoption of Prepaid Cards by major brands has proven the readiness of market to top up prepaid to entitle for more perks

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What does marketing and loyalty program look like for SMBs today?

  • Lack of loyalty from customers as they are loyal to the food ordering platforms

  • Difficult to get the customers to come back without sacrificing big margin to the platforms

  • Difficult to capture customer database as CRM system are expensive to implement

  • Lack of rewards for customers to tell more customers about your brands

  • No other revenue except from own products and services

  • No Reminders and communications to trigger repeating sales

  • No long term strategy and only put in more budget for promo and advertising whenever sales is down

SMBs need technology to build a sustainable business

SMBs Marketing and CRM Challenges
  • Do not have a centralized customer database to work on

  • High cost of implementing a good loyalty system

  • Heavy resources and time needed to be invested to implement a good system.

  • Sophisticated system are hard to operate and big learning curve for layman staffs

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World POS help businesses build lasting customer relationships

Mini POS

Free POS system for you to run your business and keep track of sales and collections

Loyalty Program

Keep track of who your customers are and build a long lasting relationship


A tool to get your customer back to your shop. Let your customer feel appreciated.

Gift Cards/Prepaid Card

Get payment upfront and ensure footfall back to your shops for repeating purchase

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Invited App

for all your Gift Cards, Vouchers, Passes

How to start building your business with World POS

1. Sign Up
1. Sign Up

Register with our Sales consultant /Sales Agent

2. Top Up
2. Top Up

Top up to activate your account

3. Deploy
3. Deploy

Our Solution Consultant will be scheduled to guide you on setting up of the system
Training will be provided

4. Go Live
4. Go Live

Start transaction and issuing vouchers and gift cards!

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