1. WORLD POS SDN. BHD. (WORLDPOS) is a technology company that owns and operates a marketplace platform called “WORLD POS O2O” via the mobile and/or any other electronic medium facilitating electronic commerce (Marketplace or e-Market). This marketplace platform allows Consumer(s) to purchase Product(s) and/or Service(s) from participating Merchant(s).
  2. THE COLLABORATION PARTNER (MERCHANT) is a party and/or business in the consumer retail industry and operates an existing business operation and participate in this WORLD POS O2O’s marketplace. 
  3. This marketplace allows MERCHANT to sell its Product(s) such as Food, e-Gift card, Meal Deals (Product Voucher) and/ or Services to the Consumer. The MERCHANT shall showcase their product(s) & service(s) in WORLD POS’s O2O to allow the consumer to make purchase in this platform and this includes delivery to the consumer based through the available MERCHANT’s branches.



  1. By signing up, MERCHANT agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. If MERCHANT choose not to accept these Terms & Conditions or any of its revisions, please do not sign up or renew and discontinue your access and/or use of WORLD POS’s O2O immediately.


  1. After signing up, the WORLDPOS team will evaluate the application submitted by the MERCHANT. The evaluation and approval process may take between 2-10 days depending on the submission details and the nature of business by the applicant.  
  2. Upon approval, the MERCHANT will be given details of login credentials via email and MERCHANT can then access WORLDPOS’s Partner/ Cloud Portal to create Products/ Services for the Consumer via WORLD POS’s O2O.
  3. The Products/ Services can be Food, e-Gift Card, Meal Deals (Product Voucher), Car Wash Deals, Delivery Services and etc.
  4. For the e-Gift card, it is a digital Gift Card that is offered for purchase through the marketplace. The MERCHANT is solely responsible to create their own type of e-Gift Card, ie e-Gift Card value, e-Gift Card image design, maximum quantity allowed for purchase by the Consumer, validity period (ie 3, 6 or 12 months), option for top-up, the maximum value of top-up and/or other terms & condition for the e-Gift Card.
  5. On WORLD POS’s O2O, the Consumer can select from a variety of choices presented by the MERCHANT in the form of products/services. The selection of MERCHANTS shall be from a list of participating business partners.
  6. If the item chosen is a e-Gift Card, it will show value of the Gift Card, the expiry date and the applicable terms and conditions that is applicable to that particular Gift Card. Consumer will then select the Gift Card to purchase and desired quantity. The system     will prompt the Consumer to key in their mobile phone number and the message to be displayed (optional) as part of its process in registering the e-Gift Card recipient.
  7. The total amount payable will be shown during check-out and the consumer can choose the payment method from the payment gateway.
  8. If the product(s) require delivery, the Consumer shall specify the delivery location.
  9. WORLDPOS’s system will obtain delivery charges from its DELIVERY PARTNER, namely DACSEE, through its API (Application Programming Interface). The basis of computation of the delivery shall be computed and show on the system screen. The delivery charges will be displayed to the Consumer together with the other item(s).
  10. During the checkout, the Consumer shall make payment according to the purchased items’ prices and delivery charges.
  11. The Driver will be assigned to collect the purchased item(s) from the MERCHANT and proceed to make the delivery.
  12. The Driver shall be paid by WORLDPOS.
  13. The MERCHANT acknowledges that the operation flow may change depending on the circumstances. The discretion to alter, modify and/or delete certain operation flow shall be the absolute discretion of WORLDPOS.


  1. WORLDPOS allow for cancellation any time before the item(s) is picked by the assigned Driver. Cancellation is not allowed once the items has been picked by the assigned Driver. For avoidance of any doubt, in the event the latter takes place, WORLDPOS shall charge the MERCHANT accordingly.
  2. WORLDPOS does notallow cancellation of purchases of e-Gift Card, Meal Deals and/or Services once purchase is done by Consumer.


  1. WORLDPOS shall provide the marketplace for economic commerce. MERCHANT canshowcase their product(s) and service(s) and customer(s) can purchase and checkout. However, WORLDPOS makes no express representations and/or warranties of any kind, express of implied, that the delivery will be made within a specified period of time. However, WORLDPOS shall endeavour to ensure that the delivery will take place within a reasonable period of time and on a BEST EFFORT BASIS.
  2. MERCHANT shall ensure that the product(s) & service(s) that is the subject of the purchase shall be properly prepared and packaged to prevent any damage, deterioration, destruction and/or any change from its current form/condition (Damage). MERCHANT shall also ensure all e-Gift Card(s) purchased must be capable of being redeemed by the consumer as long as the e-Gift Card is valid and applied according to its terms of use. WORLDPOS shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of any delay and/or Damage to the product(s) & service(s).
  3. In the event the Driver fails, refuses and/or neglects to carry out the scope that they have initially agreed to, WORLDPOS shall endeavour to assign the next Driver to you on a best effort basis.
  4. WORLDPOS has the absolute discretion to add, alter, modify and/or delete the terms contained herein for business and operation efficacy. The MERCHANT undertakes to ensure that such addition, alteration, modification or deletion is directly applied to its operation as part of its compliance to the terms contained herein.


  1. WORLDPOS shall collect from the payment of each transaction from Consumer through online Payment Gateway on WORLD POS’s O2O marketplace.
  2. WORLDPOS shall reimburse the amount paid by the Consumer to the MERCHANT less any amount that is to be deducted based on Transaction Day (T) + 3 days (T+3).


  1. WORLDPOS and the MERCHANT shall abide by the Personal Data Policy and the Personal Data shall not be shared and/or conveyed to any third party that is not authorised. The parties shall ensure that Personal Data shall be kept confidential and disclosure of such data shall be only for the purpose as consented by the owner of the Personal Data in the purchase of Product(s), Service(s) and engaging of the said delivery services.


  1. Parties shall not, either or during or after the collaboration, divulge or utilize any confidential information belonging to the any party herein or any of its associated companies, including information as to the business affairs of the other party which may have come to its attention during the pendency of this collaboration. The Parties must take all reasonable precautions to keep all such information secret.


  1. Each party is liable for the damages suffered as a result of its own fault, omission or conduct and shall keep the other party indemnified. Specific reference drawn to Clause 3 above. Clause 3 shall have priority over Clause 6.


  1. The Parties shall first attempt to resolve any dispute on the basis of good faith. Failing which, the parties agree to refer any dispute to the Malaysian Courts and shall apply the Malaysian Law.


All notices arising from this collaboration shall deemed to have been delivered:

  1. In the case of hand delivery, upon written acknowledgement of receipt by an officer or other duly authorized employee, agent or representative of the Receiving Party;
  2. In the case of registered mail, 7 (seven) days after dispatch or upon acknowledge receipt by the receiving Party, whichever earlier;
  3. In the case of facsimile, upon successful completion of the transmission.


Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these Terms & Conditions or require any help, please contact us at